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Place a Free Classified
Place a Free Classified
FREE to individuals to buy, sell or trade personal items NOT TO BE USED FOR BUSINESS OR BUSINESS SERVICES. The deadline for our FREE personal ads is 4:00PM on Monday for the following Wednesday issue.

For a complete listing of ads considered as paid classifieds see the list below.

We must have an asking price or price range, no make offer. Ads with no asking price will not be published. You are limited to 5 items per phone number and/or household. Three (3) or more items within the same catagory must be paid at $4 each item.

Effective 9/28/11

All personal items $250 & up in sale price is considered as a paid classified ad as well as the following items:

  • Any item that was or could be used in a business
  • Animals, except those to be given away
  • Farm equipment - including but not limited to: tractors, implements, etc.
  • Firewood, except to be given away
  • Garage and Yard Sales that are repetitive (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • Plants, Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables, except to be given away
  • Real Estate - All including for lease, rent, or sale
  • Services offered (Any classified  ad being run by a business or a profit making venture, including: home business, child care or elderly care services, house cleaning, lawn services, crafts made to sell, situation wanted, services offered, buying & reselling of merchandise, or any other business activity)
  • Limit 5 free classifieds per person, phone number and/or household per week (More than 5 would be a paid ad)
  • Multiple items (3 or more) within the same category
  • Any item without a sale price

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