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Leading the Northshore
The Timberlands Advertiser is leading the northshore, as it is the largest weekly classified newspaper in the area. With our 15,000 per week circulation and large distribution area,the Timberlands Advertiser makes sure that your advertisment is seen by thousands and thousands of individuals every week. With an average publication of 16 pages, over 500 paid and free classifieds and 100+ large display ads every week, the Timberlands Advertiser has become the northshore's premier advertising source for today's retailers and service providers.
 Our Audience
Whether you are a retailer or a service provider, the Timberlands Advertiser focuses on three major things...circulation, circulation, circulation. With one of the largerst circulations in the area, The Timberlands Advertiser reaches over 90,000 residents and businesses throughtout the complete northshore every month.

The Timberlands Advertiser is a free publication with a circulation of over 15,000 copies per week, predominantly distributed through vending racks and local retailers. Our audience is considered the largest audience on the northshore, as it consists of individuals from every class. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a real estate deal, or you are an individual who is just looking for a good deal, when you want to read the classifieds, you go to a classified newspaper. At the Timberlands Advertiser, we lokk at advertising as an investment for our customers, rather htan a business expense. Let us help you get your share of the market... as your advertisement investment will have many happy returns.

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